May 19

500 Global Firms Agree To Publish Disability Representation Reports


Some of the biggest companies in the world have agreed to publish quarter reports into disability representation, with the Valuable 500 global disability network saying it has now reached its target of getting 500 major firms to put this on their boardroom agenda.

These companies include the likes of Unilever, Microsoft, Google and Coca-Cola, the Guardian reports, with members of the network held accountable for raising representation through updates and progress reports.

Research by the organisation (which represents firms with annual revenue of more than £5.7 trillion) shows that there are currently no senior managers or executives who have disclosed a disability at any of the biggest UK firms in the FTSE 100. In addition, only 12 per cent report on the total number of staff members who are disclosed as being disabled.

Founder of the Valuable 500 Caroline Casey said: “There is much further to go to achieve true inclusion in the workplace. However, I am confident that as we enter phase two of the campaign, the brilliant businesses on board will continue to have an important and global impact on driving forward disability inclusion worldwide.”

The Valuable 500 was launched two years ago to help unlock the socio-economic value of people living with disabilities all over the world – some 1.3 billion of them! It now represents 20 million employees across 64 sectors and in 36 countries, catalysing the influence of large private sector corporations in both national and international markets.


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