Jun 06

Accessible Bathrooms ‘Can Still Look Stylish’


If you’re planning to revamp your bathroom to make it more accessible because you’re struggling with your mobility, you don’t have to throw style out of the window when you’re making changes.

That’s the message from an article in HomeCare, which explained that updating your bathroom and making it more accessible doesn’t mean you can’t have a space that looks good too.

Whether you’re installing easy access showers or grab rails, there’s a way to incorporate this into your wider bathroom design and make it look seamless, the news provider noted.

One top tip from the news provider is to install grab bars vertically, which makes them more of a design feature. You can even replace a shower slider with a grab bar, which serves two purposes. It will hold the showerhead, and should someone slip while in the shower they can grab it and have confidence that it will support their weight, unlike a shower slider.

If you want to make your bathroom wheelchair accessible, choose a sink that is mounted on the wall with space beneath it. This means you can easily maneuver a wheelchair into position and it will look really sleek too. Grab rails installed on either side of the sink can double as towel rails too.

Whatever you’re planning to do to change your bathroom, it’s sensible to think about how you can make functional improvements. Earlier this year, Realtor.com suggested that homeowners should look at ways of improving the function of their bathroom first, and worry about design features second.

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