Nov 01

AI Project Could Help Improve Care For Those With Mobility Issues


A project that plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve care for people with mobility issues has been awarded £865,000 by Innovate UK.

Digital Health revealed that the consortium led by Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS) is behind the programme, which intends to develop a machine learning system that’s able to analyse the movements of people who are at risk of falls or who have orthoses.

The aim is to monitor patients more closely and help healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of their needs, as well as to help them more accurately track the progress of their patients.

Patients involved in trials of the technology will be given wearable items that track their movements and the data gathered will be analysed by an AI platform.

The results from the trial will be validated by the Human Performance Lab at Queen Mary University of London. Dr Aleksandra Birn-Jeffery, lecturer in bioengineering at the institution, told the news provider that this represents an “exciting opportunity”.

“Not only is it an exciting opportunity to validate new technology that could make such a difference to patient care pathways, but we will be working alongside some incredible companies that are all striving to improve healthcare,” she asserted.

Dr Birn-Jeffery added that it could lead to a greater understanding of how orthotics patients progress following treatment.

In some instances, it could highlight how making adaptations to your home could improve your quality of life, such as fitting easy access showers.

Given that a recent survey by Which? found that the majority of people over 55 years old would be happy to make such adaptations to their properties, it could be valuable in improving many people’s quality of life.

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