Jun 21

The Benefits Of Water Therapy Explained


Anyone above a certain age, or people with mobility issues and conditions like arthritis, could certainly benefit from engaging in some water therapy, treatments and exercises carried out in a pool for those who struggle with land-based activity.

This is an increasingly popular way for people to be treated or get some exercise, which they’d find hard to do otherwise. It can help relieve chronic pain symptoms, fibromyalgia, any discomfort you might be having while pregnant and so on, so can benefit a wide range of people – hence why it’s becoming more popular as time goes on.

Because the force of gravity lessens when you’re in water, there’s less pressure being put on your spine and joints. People also report finding it easier to move while in the water because the body is so buoyant, so water therapy is also brilliant for helping to build up muscle strength.

Benefits include better mobility and joint flexibility, better balance, core stabilisation, stress relief, postural awareness and – because it helps people move about and get some exercise – a sense of happiness and general wellbeing.

It can be incredibly frustrating for people to feel as though they’re stuck in their house with very limited options available to them in terms of exercise and moving around, but water therapy could really help give these people a new lease of life.

It might be worth looking into what’s going on in your local area to see if there are any clubs you could join if you are intrigued and want to give it a try.

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