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Oct 28

UK Care Home Closure rate ‘Worrying’


The rate of care home closures in the UK has been concerning the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for quite some time, it would seem, with new research showing that in the last six years the number of homes has fallen by almost 1,500 to reach 16,600.

Furthermore, evidence from the organisation would suggest that council contracts – which provide help for tasks like dressing and washing – are being rejected by a worrying number of home care providers, the BBC reports.

Andrea Sutcliffe, social care chief inspector with the CQC, told the newspaper that these results do indicate that the long-term sustainability where high quality care is concerned in the home care sector is at risk.

“Given the impact this would have on people’s lives, it is important that we continue to monitor these trends closely. We know that the adult social care sector faces many financial pressures, which worryingly, could undermine the quality and safety of care that people receive and rely upon every day,” she went on to say.

Further research from the CQC revealed this week (October 13th) that some services in the UK are still failing to improve their standards even though they’ve been given clear information and instructions as to where improvements are required.

It was found that 47 per cent of care providers that were re-inspected after receiving a ‘requires improvement’ rating were not able to do this. What’s more, in eight per cent of these cases, the quality of care dropped so much that a downgrade to ‘inadequate’ was made.

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