May 14

Home Adaptation Delays Putting Older People ‘At Risk’


Delays by local councils around the UK in making home adaptations are putting older people at increased risk of going into residential care because it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to live independently in their own homes, a new report has revealed. Surveys show that older people are keen to continue ageing in place, the […]

Apr 15

Can Garden Rooms Help Support Independent Living?


One home adaptation becoming more popular is a garden room outside. If you have reduced mobility but want to stay at home, this could help you achieve this.

Mar 12

Home Accessibility Changes To Support Sight Impairments


If you are losing your sight or have an eye condition, carrying out home adaptations can make your property more accessible. Find out more on the blog now.

Mar 01

Home Adaptations To Help With Arthritis


Making certain ergonomic changes around the house and adapting your living spaces can help you manage your arthritis. Find out more over on the blog now.

Jan 31

French Architects Designing For Dementia


The Village Landais Alzheimer has been modelled on the Hogeweyk site in the Netherlands, a healthcare facility that has both the look and layout of a village.

Jan 15

Levelling Up Committee Launches Accessible Housing Survey


The survey aims to gather the views and experiences of disabled people when finding or adapting suitable homes to meet their needs. Find out more on the blog.

Dec 27

‘First-Ever’ Fully Accessible Holiday Home Built In Essex


A self-employed builder has constructed what is thought to be the first fully accessible holiday home in Clacton, Essex. Find out more on the blog now.

Dec 21

Declutter To Stay Safe At Home


Having fewer belongings getting in your way will instantly make it easier and safer for you to navigate your way through your home. Find top tips on the blog.

Nov 15

What Is Universal Home Design?


The concept of universal home design is particularly interesting, ensuring that the houses we live in are built with accessibility in mind from the outset.

Oct 25

Installing Grab Rails In The Bathroom


Making your bathroom more accessible is an excellent idea as you get older so that you can continue to age in place and stay in your own home. See more here.

Oct 10

7 Safety Tips To Avoid Slips & Trips


This time of year, while beautiful, can pose a health risk, especially for people above a certain age who may be more susceptible to slips, trips and falls.

Sep 28

Can AI Help Prevent Falls At Home?


Where personal safety at home is concerned, there’s a growing body of research that suggests AI could be of particular use. Find out more on the blog.

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