Apr 24

New Disability-Led Brewery Opens In Bristol!


The former Tapestry Brewery in Totterdown in Bristol is set to reopen its doors after a tricky period earlier this year, this time to be known as Tapestry by Props.

Mar 24

First Disabled High Sheriff Of South Glamorgan Now Appointed!


According to Wales Online, 60-year-old Rosie is now the first person ever born disabled to be appointed to the role.

Mar 11

New Guidelines Launched To Help Disabled Children Be More Active


The UK Chief Medical Officers have, for the first time, published guidelines to help disabled children and young people become more physically active.

Feb 18

Manchester To Hold Para Swimming World Championships


The Para Swimming World Championships are due to be held at the Manchester Aquatics Centre between July 31st and August 6th 2023.

Feb 10

Man With Down’s Syndrome Gains Place On Scaffolding Course


A 32-year-old man with Down’s Syndrome has gained a place on a scaffolding training scheme at Weston College in Swindon, with the apprentice course set to see him become a fully qualified scaffolder.

Jan 25

Survey For National Disability Strategy Ruled Unlawful


The High Court has ruled that a survey of disabled people used to inform the government’s new National Disability Strategy is “unlawful”. See more on the blog.

Jan 20

British Sign Language Bill Receives Govt Backing


A bill that will make British Sign Language (BSL) a recognised language in the UK has received backing from the government, with the minister for disabled people working closely with Labour MP Rosie Cooper (who brought the bill) and deaf people’s organisations to ensure it meets the needs of those who will benefit the most. […]

Jan 10

Disabled People & Asylum Seekers Team Up For Mural Painting


A new mural has appeared on the site of a community centre in Easton in Bristol, the handiwork of disabled people and asylum seekers, who came together to depict some of the barriers they face in today’s society. According to the Disability News Service, the mural – which was unveiled to mark Human Rights Day […]

Dec 13

New Disabled ‘Passport’ To Help Disabled Graduates Find Employment


Find out about the Access to Work Adjustment Passport on the blog.

Dec 08

How Dance Can Help Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem


The competition provided fun experiences for all, as well as learning opportunities, helping children to grow in confidence, learn new skills, strengthen friendships and improve their fitness and flexibility.

Nov 30

Inclusive Curling Taster Sessions Held In Edinburgh


Wheelchair curling star Neilson – a three-time World Championship medallist and the mixed competition bronze medal holder at Sochi 2014 – paid Curl Edinburgh a visit to showcase the sport to the next generation of talent.

Nov 28

Wheelchair Swing Installed At Picket Twenty!


New accessible equipment in the form of a wheelchair swing has been installed on the Picket Twenty development in Andover, enabling disabled children to play alongside their peers.

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