Sep 10

Catalyst Programme Launched To Support Senior Leaders With Disabilities


A new Catalyst Programme has been launched by the National Leadership Centre (NLC), aiming to support and develop senior leaders with a disability in public sector positions.

Over the course of a year, the programme will deliver intensive residential courses, coaching, networking opportunities and a diverse range of speakers from various backgrounds.

Recruitment is now open and will close on September 24th, with the aim of the programme being to develop people to CEO level in their respective fields.

Advisory board member for the NLC Steve McGuirk said: “The Catalyst programme seeks to help those leaders with a bespoke programme designed to empower disabled people to push for – and break through – the highest levels of public leadership in the same ways as non-disabled leaders.

“Catalyst will create a network of people to sustain peer support and peer mentoring, and create the opportunity for people to share their experiences about what works and what doesn’t.”

He went on to say that it will include similar content to other NLC programmes, while introducing delegates to inspiring case studies and people, with the hope that it will serve as a catalyst for talented leaders to start making a difference to how public services are delivered in the future.

The government also recently launched its new National Disability Strategy, detailing 100 immediate commitments to be made, supported by £.16 billion in funding.

Plans include upgrading job support and opportunities, as well as housing and transport, and improving the accessibility of homes around the UK.


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