Jan 20

British Sign Language Bill Receives Govt Backing


A bill that will make British Sign Language (BSL) a recognised language in the UK has received backing from the government, with the minister for disabled people working closely with Labour MP Rosie Cooper (who brought the bill) and deaf people’s organisations to ensure it meets the needs of those who will benefit the most.

If the bill is passed, it will see the launch of an advisory board of BSL users to ensure the Access to Work scheme better meets the needs of BSL users and supports them in employment.

It will also provide guidance to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on how and when to use it, as well as examining how the DWP goes about increasing the number of BSL interpreters.

Minister for disabled people, health and work Chloe Smith said: “Effective communication is vital to creating a more inclusive and accessible society, and legally recognising British Sign Language in Great Britain is a significant step towards ensuring that deaf people are not excluded from reaching their potential.

“Passing the bill will see the government commit to improving the lives of deaf people, and will encourage organisations across the nation to take up the BSL mantle, benefiting both themselves and the deaf community.”

Figures from Hearing Link show that there are at least 4.4 million people with hearing loss in the UK who are of working age. The employment rate for people with hearing loss is 65 per cent, compared to 79 per cent in those with no disability or long-term health issues.

Furthermore, research published in 2014 shows that 74 per cent of people feel their employment opportunities are limited because of their hearing loss.

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Jan 26

Advice To Make Your Home Safe For Someone With Alzheimer’s


If you are getting ready to take on the role of caring for a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, there are a number of steps you should consider to ensure your home is a safe environment for them.

Channel3000 has offered some advice on what to prioritise and how to decide where to start with these changes.

The first thing to do is assess your home safety based on your loved one’s needs and condition. You need to think about whether they can still manage stairs, if they have fallen over recently, and how good their sight is, for instance.

Bathrooms are a good place to start, and there are a number of simple modifications that can make both of your lives easier.

Shower seating is advisable, as well as grab bars and a tap cover for your bath, as this can prevent them from injuring themselves if they slip while in the bath.

Making sure your floor is non-slip, as well as the shower tray or bath, is also essential to help reduce the risk of falls. Another tip is to ensure your water temperature isn’t too hot. Fitting thermostatic anti-scald valves or taps will limit the temperature of the hot water to a maximum of 48 degrees at the outlet.

You may also want to consider fitting childproof latches on cupboards where you store medication or cleaning products. The same goes for the kitchen, with the publication noting that it’s advisable to lock up potentially dangerous items like knives, matches and scissors, as well as cleaning chemicals.

Fitting safety knobs on the stove to prevent your loved one from accidentally turning it on is another sensible step to take.

Given that 520,000 people in the UK currently suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, according to figures from the Alzheimer’s Society, this advice could be useful for many people.

December sale and Christmas holiday service

Paul | Dec 09 2016

Our Christmas closure this year will be  from the 22nd December, and re-opening on the 3rd January. Of course we will aim to attend to any emergencies during that time if we can.

You can still place orders via our e-commerce facility, and we will process these as soon as we open for business in January.

We’d like to thank all of our customers for their support in 2016! We really enjoy the interaction with such interesting and varied people, and it is a pleasure to assist you with your bathroom solutions.

We wish you a very pleasant Christmas, and a happy and successful 2017!

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Out with the old – in with the new!

Paul | Nov 25 2016


Mr M was having trouble using his existing shower bath. The bathroom was immaculate, and a sympathetic result was required. We removed the bath and filled in the exposed areas with border tiles and new white tiles chosen and supplied by the customer. The floor tiles also needed to be patched in, and the customer was able to supply these too. In order to achieve a low step height we used the Impey Slimline easy access shower tray. We installed a waste pump in the adjacent garage, and ran pipes in matching ducting around the tray. Ramps were fitted to aid wheeled access, and the enclosure fitted. Mr M is now able to enjoy safe and pleasant showering.

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