Jubilee shower bath
Mar 26

‘Don’t Put Style Before Safety’ In the Home


Many people might put off having a walk-in shower bath installed because they are worried it might not look good in their home, but these days there is plenty of choice to suit all tastes.

There is no excuse to put style before safety, which US website The Daily Commercial says is responsible for many avoidable accidents in the home.

The bathroom is a major hazard area for at-home injuries, and elderly people are especially at risk, with new figures from TheHealthSite showing that one in three women and one in five men over the age of 50 now suffer from osteoporosis.

CEO of Ro-Mac Lumber and Supply Don Magruder told the news outlet that if you want someone to fall over, the best way to go about it is to use ceramic or porcelain tiles in areas that can get wet, such as a bathroom.

It might look beautiful but it can be slippery, particularly some of those more polished grades – and if tiles aren’t installed properly and are completely level they could become a trip hazard.

Instead, Mr Magruder suggests looking into other non-slip flooring, as well as installing ramps if there are irregular steps around the property.

The expert also recommended bearing in mind how you may find accessing parts of your home as you age, even if you are fairly mobile today.

Putting easy-access solutions in place for attics, high-up windows and hard-to-reach light fixtures could save you from injury or difficulty later down the line.

He said that while a vaulted ceiling might look beautiful with that aspirational chandelier, falling off a ladder changing the bulbs in ten years could be extremely damaging.

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