May 16

How To Ease Stiff Joints


Anyone who lives with arthritis, young or old, will know just how difficult it can be to go about your daily life. Even getting in and out of the mini walk in bath can prove extremely challenging sometimes. And sometimes, it’s as if there’s nothing wrong.

When it comes to easing stiff joints and helping with pain management, getting some gentle low-impact exercise is one of the best strategies. Swimming is one of the best ways you can keep yourself fit and get those joints moving even on your worst days – and the best bit about it is that it works your entire body out but won’t put any pressure on your joints.

Alternatively, if you find your arthritis flares up while you’re at work you could always give some chair yoga a go. This is a really good way of helping improve the suppleness of your body so perhaps do some research into the different poses you could try.

What about a chair cat-cow stretch? This involves sitting on a chair with your spine elongated and both feet on the floor. Put your hands on your knees and when you breathe in, arch your spine and roll the shoulders back and down. This is what’s known as cow position. When you breathe out, round your spine and lower your chin to your chest. This is known as cat position.

Another great option for arthritis sufferers is tai chi, renowned for helping with stress reduction, mind and body relaxation, weight loss, preventing back pain, improving coordination and lots more. Why don’t you see if there are any classes in your local area?

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