Mar 13

6 Best Essential Oils For Pain Relief


If you’re suffering from arthritis you might be interested in the best easy access baths and showers, to make mobility around bath time a little easier.

For those who do suffer, you may be as interested as us to discover the best essential botanical oils you can use to help relieve the pain of arthritis and joint pain in the bath. With this list from you’ll be able to find particular oils for different kinds of joint pain and discomfort.

Black pepper

Perfect for healing joint pain, this is a potent oil so make sure you add one or to drop to another sensitive oil before applying to skin.


This sweet smelling botanical is perfect if your joint pain keeps you up at night as it’s a great relaxant on the body. Some oils are best diluted but this can be applied neat to palms of your hands or the soles of your feet before bed.


This spicy ingredient has some powerful properties, when applied to your skin is gives a pleasant warming sensation and is great for stiffness of fibromyalgia which cause deep muscle pain, painful tender points.


Not only does this oil have a pleasing smell it’s also great for toning the tissues and tendons in your body which in turn can help joint the joint and relieve pain.


This amazing ingredient is not only for your favourite pasta dishes when its oil is extracted it’s great for apply to areas of muscle ache and can help with bruises and sprains.


Another essential oil with a great scent like lavender, peppermint contains a compound which helps to alleviate inflammation. Make sure when buying peppermint oil you find a good concentrated batch.

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