Jan 12

What Is The Advantage Of A Wet Room?


If you’re considering revamping your bathroom this year, or have decided you need to make some changes to make it easier for you to use, you should think about installing a wet room.

Unlike a bathroom, a wet room is entirely waterproof and can be beneficial in many scenarios, but particularly for people who have reduced or restricted mobility. The main reason for this is that a wet room removes the need for a shower cubicle, which can be difficult to access if you struggle with your mobility.

They also tend to be safer for people with poor mobility, as they simply walk into the room and under the shower – there is no need to install a tray or bath, which can be hard to climb in and out of.

Of course, one essential component of any wet room an anti-slip floor, and you can always install additional anti-slip mats under the easy access shower, for instance, for extra safety.

Wet rooms are also incredibly easy to clean, as you don’t have all those fixtures and fittings to clean around – you can wipe down the tiles and around the drain in minutes.

And it isn’t only people with disabilities or the elderly who are installing wet rooms in their properties – they have become increasingly stylish in recent years and are now a good addition to any home, particularly if they are one of two bathrooms.

A wet room can also be a brilliant choice if you have a small bathroom, as you can save space by doing away with bulky shower cubicles that encroach on the room.

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