Feb 25

Edinburgh Comes Top For Accessible Public Loos!


Some cities around the UK are more disability-friendly than others. It can be useful for people to know what sort of accessibility provisions have been made when it comes to deciding where to visit. Edinburgh, it seems, is the place to go! It has just come top of the list of places with the most accessible public loos.

Research reported by Edinburgh Live has just revealed that two out of three of the Scottish city’s public toilets are wheelchair friendly, putting it at the top of the list. It was followed by Coventry, with 27 out of 43 toilets accessible, and Belfast, with 32 accessible facilities out of 51.

Speaking to the news source, blogger Shona Cobb, talked about her experiences as someone in an electric wheelchair. Shona explained that she often finds that accessible facilities aren’t big enough for her chair and there isn’t enough room to manoeuvre properly.

She said: “I check the availability of accessible public bathrooms wherever I go. It’s as integral a part of my planning as is my journey there and the access of where I’m travelling to.

“It’s a part of accessibility that people often forget about. Most people can just head out of their house assuming that at some point they’ll be able to access a public toilet. I I just can’t take that chance.”

In the 2020 Budget, Rishi Sunak committed to investing £30 million to increase access to Changing Places toilets, which should see more of these larger accessible toilets become available. These all contain specialist equipment for disabled people, including hoists, curtains, adult-sized changing benches and enough space for wheelchairs and carers.

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