Oct 20

A Fitness Sensor Could Detect Falls


Easy access baths are a great adaptation for reducing the number of falls around the home for elderly people or those with mobility problems.

A new development has shown how a gadget designed to monitor peoples’ heart rate when they are exercising could be adapted to help detect warning signs of when a fall might happen in an older person.

Sensoria create tops, sports bras and wrist sensors for fitness geeks to keep an eye on how intense their work out is, but the company is now planning to launch a range of sportswear, socks and shoes containing body sensors that detect pressure points and balance for nursing homes and rehab centres.

“Sensoria Health will be developing solutions that help improve aging people’s lives. We all recognize the need for smart wearable and telehealth solutions that are geared toward the elderly and see the healthcare vertical as very promising,” Sensoria co-founder and CEO Davide Vigano said in a statement.

The new range will be offered via a new division called Sensoria Health, which will use cloud data storage development to analyse the information they collect in order to make these predictions. The company is making the offering in partnership with Genesis Rehab Services.

There are already a range of products on the market, such as the Apple Watch, which contain body monitoring devices, though as yet there are few examples of them being used to help older people, to help prevent falls. With the ageing population booming across the west, these innovations could prove indispensable.

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