Nov 24

Government Scheme Gives Extra Support For Disabled


Additional help is being made available for disabled people who are continuing to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Express reports that the Access to Work scheme has been extended, which will enable additional support and assistance in several needed areas, meaning there will be extra financial support for disabled people to help them work from home, and grant applications will be fast-tracked for the clinically extremely vulnerable.

This additional financial support will now also cover transport expenses, such as taxi fares and public transport costs if a health condition would prevent them from using public transport during the pandemic. A factsheet is available on the GOV.UK website with more details about the Access to Work scheme.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has also produced a range of new resources that are for encouraging employers to consider the benefits of taking on people from a wide variety of backgrounds including, among others, the disabled, older workers and the homeless.

The resources include guidance notes, case studies, and further information on how to attract, recruit and retain workers from a diverse range of backgrounds.

There have also been new resources launched that are designed to help anyone who is experiencing difficulties or concerns with maintaining a safe, social distance during the pandemic.

A downloadable badge stating ‘Please Give Me Space’ is being introduced for people to wear when they go out to encourage others around them to give some space to the wearer.

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