Oct 17

Passenger Assist App Launched By Network Rail


Network Rail has launched a new Passenger Assist app in partnership with four train companies – West Midlands Railway, Greater Anglia, London Northeastern Railway and South Western Railway – designed to be more accessible and inclusive.

It’s intended to help make it easier for disabled people to travel, as well as less stressful and less likely to go wrong by allowing them to book help at stations. Accessible features like different text sizes and fonts, as well as colour themes, have also been included in the app.

Commenting, regional director at the Rail Delivery Group Robert Nisbet said: “We know we’ve got to do better to improve rail’s accessibility. We want everyone who has requested assistance to get the help they need, which is why we’re investing in this pioneering technology that has the needs of our customers at its heart.

“A few taps of the app will give customers more control, help our people do their jobs better, and deliver on the commitment in our long-term plan to enable more people to benefit from travelling by train.”

Writing for the Daily Express last month (September), 29-year-old journalist Hollie-Anne Brooks told of her own experiences of rail travel as someone with a disability. She explained that all over the UK passengers are left to face unhelpful staff members, “hellish” experiences of travel and missing ramps.

Greater Anglia even used her reserved disabled space for the coffee cart after its typical coach was left out of action. Ms Brooks went on to add that rail companies need to set out manifestos for disabled passengers to ensure they’re comfortable and safe.

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