Jul 01

Lighting Systems For Accessible Bathrooms


When it comes to accessible bathroom spaces, lighting is of the utmost importance as these parts of the house can be hazardous unless proper precautions are taken at the design stage.

If there’s only one light source hung in the middle of the ceiling, it’s likely that shadows will be cast throughout the room, creating pockets of danger that could potentially lead to slips, trips and falls. Devising a lighting system that eliminates this and which is tailored to suit the individual’s specific needs will improve safety standards.

Ambient light and task lighting must also be taken into account when installing an appropriate lighting system, with even light levels established and maintained to reduce glare and ensure that shadows are no longer a problem.

Task lighting can be used around any mirrors installed in the bathroom, but also near the shower, bath, sink and toilet to ensure users have no difficulties with what they’re doing.

It’s also important to take mobility and dexterity into account when considering bathroom lighting. For example, it may be necessary for lights to feature a pull cord instead of a switch to take manual dexterity into account. For those with visual impairments, meanwhile, cords in high-contrast colours may prove to be effective.

If bathrooms are well lit and easy to use, no matter what a person’s individual requirements are, it will help to promote independence and ensure people can stay in their homes for longer. This, in turn, will help support their mental health and wellbeing, giving them greater confidence at home.


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