Oct 20

Mobility Problems Set To Soar?


Our installations of disability baths and easy access showers helps people to remain independent in their own homes, even when their mobility is impaired.

As we all know, there is a growing older population in this country, but did you realise this means there is also set to be a growing number of people with mobility problems?

The total number of people with mobility problems in the UK at present is 20.37 per cent of women, and 16.07 per cent of men. This rises with age so that 44.8 per cent of women over 85 say they have severe long-term activity limitations, as do 37.4 per cent of men.

But by 2047 overall it is predicted to be 21.25 and 16.87 per cent respectively across all age groups, due to the rising age of our population.

Lead researcher Dr Daniela Weber, of the Wittgenstein Centre International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria, told The Express Newspaper: “Life expectancy is increasing and fertility rates are declining, leading to an increase of older populations.

“The health status of older population is raising public interest and a broadly discussed issue since many countries fear a rise in economic costs caused by ageing.”

The problem is that while people are living longer, the number of ‘healthy life years’ hasn’t caught up with our new longer life expectancy. Countries with older populations, such as Germany, are expected to suffer more because of this.

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