Apr 14

National Strategy For Disabled People In Development


The Cabinet Office’s Disability Unit is currently working on developing a National Strategy for Disabled People, alongside charities, businesses, disabled people and government colleagues, with the aim being to ensure that everyone can be fully participating members of society.

The objectives of the strategy are to make practical changes to policies so that disabled people’s abilities to participate in society are strengthened, as well as to identify what matters most to disabled people and to develop a clear vision on disability that is owned across government.

It will be built on evidence and data, as well as insights from the personal experiences of disabled people themselves, including existing commitments (like increasing disability funding and supporting people to access careers advice, internships and so on), and identifying additional opportunities to make improvements elsewhere.

The Disability Unit said last week (April 2nd): “As the coronavirus pandemic is the current priority for the government, we are reviewing our plans for the development of the strategy.

“We want to ensure we have enough time to get this right and undertake a full and appropriate programme of stakeholder engagement.”

It also recently ensured disabled people that the government would be doing all it could to make sure their needs are addressed at this difficult time.

For example, there was cross-party support to see emergency legislation passed to allow the government to respond to the pandemic, which included measures to ensure that frontline services and support are maintained, especially for disabled and vulnerable people.

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