Jun 27

Need A New Bath? Make Sure You Consider Safety


When you look at home renovation magazines or scroll through social media for inspiration on how to renovate your bathroom, you’re likely to see a lot of freestanding bathtubs.

However, while these look incredibly stylish, they’re actually highly impractical. A recent article for Treehugger – which noted that it was International Bath Day on 14th June – explained that focusing on safety and comfort is far more important when choosing a new bath than picking a tub based on aesthetics.

The website notes that bath design hasn’t changed much in the past few centuries and that in many cases they’re uncomfortable to lie in and difficult to get in or out of.

The article also stressed the safety issues with many modern baths. “The fancy new tubs have no ledge to sit on so they are particularly dangerous, and being away from the wall, no place to put a safety rail,” it notes.

So, if you are looking for a new bath what kind of thing should you invest in? A walk in shower bath could be the ideal option, as it will allow you to enter and exit the tub safely.

You could even follow the example of the Japanese, who shower first to wash and then soak in the tub once they’re clean.

Even if you currently have no difficulties getting in and out of the bath, it’s worth future-proofing your home. Last month, designer Kevin McCloud told the Express that everyone should be thinking about the future when carrying out big renovations to their homes.

He added that this is particularly important if you’re intending to stay in this home for the rest of your life. Among his top tips were to borrow a wheelchair for a day and see how easy it is to move around in your property.

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