Jul 12

New Scheme To Support Disabled Overlooks Children


The government recently announced it will do more to support disabled people and break down the barriers they face.

However, The Sun newspaper has been left disappointed with the proposals, as it claims it has overlooked the needs of children with disabilities.

This comes after the tabloid launched a campaign to reinstate the £434 million that has been slashed from disabled kids’ services across the country.

Last week, Prime Minister Theresa May revealed plans to overhaul statutory sick pay, offer greater workplace support, and introduce higher accessibility standards for new housing for disabled people.

Ms May stated: “My determination to identify and tackle injustices, wherever they exist in society, remains as strong as ever.”

She added the new measures will “break down barriers faced by disabled people, whether in employment, housing or elsewhere”.

However, The Sun has argued the government failed to address the lack of support for disabled children.

This is in spite of work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd declaring: “We intend to support disabled people in all phases of their life.”

Earlier last month, the newspaper launched its Give It Back initiative to get the government to return the funding from disabled services for families, which includes money for equipment and respite care.

The campaign has had the support of thousands of readers, as well as 60 leading charities that work with disabled children and their families.

This project is especially important as the number of disabled youngsters in Britain has risen by a third over the last ten years, and there are almost one million children currently living with a disability in the UK.

One way to improve their lives is by installing shower seating, as this makes washing youngsters much easier than having to support their weight.

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