Jun 29

Pamis Helps Disabled People Communicate During Pandemic


Pamis (Promoting A More Inclusive Society), an equality charity, has encouraged families to create a ‘digital passport’ that aims to help disabled people communicate during the coronavirus lockdown.

The charity has launched an online tool and released materials so people at home can make their own passport, that Pamis has been using to help people with multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) for a decade.

The tool assists people with PMLD to use a tablet or computer to better communicate with people who are unfamiliar with them. It was developed as people with PMLD sometimes communicate in ways that are not easily understood by strangers.

The digital passport includes videos and photographs that describe the person’s needs, abilities, and personal traits. The user can then take their tablet with them to hospital visits and care centres to make appointments and meetings go much smoother.

The charity realised the benefits the tool can bring to other families during the COVID-19 lockdown and have been working on adapting the resources ever since the first week of the outbreak in the UK.

They have offered a template and instructional videos to help create the passports to families of people with complex needs, as the charity currently lacks the resources needed to better assist.

Jenny Miller, Pamis CEO, said: “At crucial times such as these it is morally the right thing to do to share resources that can support the care of people who have complex needs. Cat Jamieson, our digital lead, has worked flat out to provide an online resource to help others access this tool. It is another example of the wisdom and innovation of our family carers.

“The Pamis digital passport is an invaluable resource at this time and we are delighted to be able to share it with wider groups.”

The tools to create a passport can be found on the Pamis website.

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