Impey Slimfold Horseshoe shower seat

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If you are looking for modern design, combined with excellent quality and usability, then the Impey Slimfold Horseshoe shower seat will fit the bill!  The cutaway enables convenient cleaning of your intimate areas.

Available in a range of colours, the Impey Slimfold Horseshoe seat will complement any bathroom decor.

The Impey Slimfold Horseshoe shower seat is an ultra slim fold down seat which sets a new standard in shower seating. When folded up, the seat projects only 114mm from the wall, leaving the shower area free for other users.

The smooth rounded seat is extremely comfortable and feels warm to the touch.  Unlike other shower seats, when the Impey Slimfold Horseshoe shower seat is folded up you will see the top surface of the seat, not the underside.

To fold the seat down into position, you pull the lower edge of the seat. The rear of the seat will then slide down into position, and the arms can be folded down beside the seat. In this way, it cannot accidentally drop down if knocked. And to avoid “puddling” the seat is slightly inclined towards the back so that water simply runs off after showering.

The seat is entirely wall mounted – there are no legs to hinder your feet or damage the floor. This also allows you to mount the seat as low as 417mm if you wish.

The Impey Slimfold Horseshoe shower seat carries a Lifetime guarantee.

The  shower seat should be installed by a competent person, who should assess the wall for suitability and use appropriate fixings.

Impey Slimfold Horseshoe shower seat – perfect for intimate cleansing!


  • Min seat height: 415mm
  • Seat projection from wall 415mm
  • Folded projection from wall: 114mm
  • Seat width: 500mm
  • Overall width: 654mm


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