Jul 06

Regular Exercise ‘Could Reduce Risk’ Of Chronic Back Pain


Those of you with mobility issues, pain and sensitive backs may find that doing some regular exercise helps to manage your symptoms, whether it’s something intense like going to the gym or simply increasing the amount you’re walking.

New research from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki – published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine – has found that regular physical activity could in fact reduce the risk of chronic pain in the lower back by up to 16 per cent, Reuters health reports.

Speaking to the news source, Dr Joel Press – physiatrist in chief at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York – commented on the findings, saying that people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of activity.

“We were meant to move. We were not meant to be stagnant in any way, so I think this study does confirm that. It’s a big study where they looked at a lot of people,” he explained.

Getting in the swimming pool and engaging in something like water therapy can be especially beneficial for people with conditions like arthritis or anything that hinders movement and makes other forms of exercise difficult and painful.

The force of gravity is less when you’re in the water which means that a lot less pressure is put on your spine and joints, so you can exercise and increase your body movements without putting any excess strain on places that might be sensitive or painful. It’s also easier to move about in water, so this kind of therapy can help you build up your muscle strength as well.

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