bath with easy access door
Aug 29

Small Changes For A Safer Bathroom


As well as investing in essentials for a safer bathroom environment for yourself or a loved one such as a practical walk in bath, there are some smaller changes that can make bathing the relaxing experience it is supposed to be for everybody in the family.

Dr Santosh Datar, Medical Director and Consultant Doctor at Ziqitza Healthcare suggested some basic but crucial changes in an article on The Health Site that could bring peace of mind.

Using rubber mats may seem obvious, but a decent non-slip surface is the best way of preventing accidents in the bathroom, as a slip or a fall can lead to unpleasant injuries, especially in an older person.

Dr Datar also suggested installing door furniture that can be unlocked from both sides should the bathroom user require assistance, while allowing everybody privacy at the same time.

The expert also recommended conducting a safety check around the home – and in no room is this more important than the bathroom, especially when it comes to flooring.

Broken vinyl flooring and tiles can be easily forgotten about when you see them every day, but it is little things like a bit of lino buckling by the bath causing a trip hazard, or a fragment of broken ceramic tile that could graze the skin, that are easy fixes.

Dr Datar’s sound advice echoes the recommendations to ensure bathrooms are well illuminated published in the Journal-News, which suggested looking at lighting as an effective way of ensuring the bathroom is a safe room in the house for everybody.

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