Oct 23

Survey Launched To Discover Truth Behind Disability Access


A survey has been launched to determine what disabled people think about access in public places and whether it has improved in the last year.

Euan’s Guide’s UK Access Survey has been established to support Disabled Access Day, which raises awareness of the need to improve disabled access in public areas.

“We’re asking what’s good and not so good about access at the places you visit. By taking part in this survey, you’ll be joining hundreds of other disabled people in having their say about access provision in the UK and beyond,” a spokesperson for Euan’s Guide stated.

Disabled people, as well as their friends and family, and those who work closely with them, can take part in the questionnaire, and four respondents will be randomly chosen to win a £25 Amazon voucher.

The public has been asked their opinions as part of the survey for the last five years, and more than 900 responded to last year’s questions.

In 2018, the survey revealed 94 per cent of respondents look for disabled access information about a venue before visiting; 88 per cent are more likely to go somewhere new if they can find information about disabled access beforehand; and 86 per cent of people had found disabled access information on a venue’s website misleading in the past.

It also revealed just one per cent of respondents are very confident about visiting new places, while six per cent are not confident at all.

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