Jul 21

Top Tips For A Multi-Generational Household


With house prices increasing, more and more people are thinking of new and unconventional ways to get on to the property ladder. Teaming up with family members is one way to combine resources and also enjoy the benefits of extended family life.

Moving in with parents, grandparents or relatives from different generations is not without its challenges, though – take a look at our top tips for creating a multi-generational household setting that caters for everyone’s needs.


Your own space

Communal areas are important for creating a cohesive family unit and providing space for everyone to enjoy one another’s company, but equally, a separate space is necessary for those times when you need privacy. Consider the layout of the property and ways to divide large spaces – such as stud walls – or think about adding extra rooms like a conservatory to provide some personal areas.


A safe setting

If members of your household are very young, elderly or disabled, safety will be a key focus when planning your property’s layout and furnishings. Easy access baths or showers can transform a hazardous bathroom into a much safer space for older relatives, while fittings like blinds with short instead of dangling strings can make the living room a safer place for toddlers, for example.


Schedules and strategies

Different generations often have different habits, so drawing up a schedule can help ensure everyone gets to do what they need to during the day without treading on one another’s toes. If space is at a premium, knowing when members of the household like to use communal areas like the kitchen and bathroom can help ensure family life runs smoothly.

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