Sep 27

What To Think About When Designing Easy Access Bathrooms


There may well come a time when you need to reassess the design of your house, whether it’s to cater for your own changing needs or a family member. These days, there’s an awful lot you can do to make living at home easier if required and there are lots of different ways you can change your house to ensure you can stay there for as long as possible and remain independent.

For example, you could invest in ergonomic door handles for the various rooms in the house to make it easier to open doors. This can also be extended into the shower to make taps easier to turn on and off as well.

Or you could take a look at your easy access showers – what’s the water pressure like? Older skin can be a lot more sensitive so buying a shower that has a gentler flow could be a good idea.

Think about temperature as well. Hot water can scald people very easily and in older generations this could result in a serious injury, so having products that can be thermostatically controlled would be wise so water temperature remains the same – and safe.

Another point to bear in mind is failing eyesight. If you or someone in your family is experiencing sight loss, it would be a good idea to buy taps and so on that have very clear – and large – markings so that it’s easy to tell the difference between hot and cold.

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