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Oct 07

What Will The Homes Of The Future Look Like?


Thinking about how your needs may change over the years is certainly advisable if you’re keen to stay in your home for as long as you possibly can, living independently.

Adapting your house as time goes on can prove particularly beneficial in this regard – and it seems as though this is becoming a key consideration in building design from the outset, with the government having launched a competition to design the homes of the future, featuring low-carbon, age-friendly properties.

The finalists of the Home of 2030 competition have just been announced, in fact, all of which will be introduced to Homes England development partners to explore the possibility of housing on Homes England land. Each of the finalists have received £40,000 in funding to help them develop their plans.

Finalist Studio OPEN, for example, has submitted a project idea that promotes community and caring for people through a central garden shared between four homes, built using locally sourced materials and timber construction methods to help reduce the impact on the environment.

And Openstudio Architects has come up with a plan that includes landscape elements such as small private gardens, a communal green space, front gardens and upper level balconies and terraces, focusing on sustainable, age-friendly environments.

Helen Whately, minister for care, said: “We want everyone, regardless of their age, to lead healthy, active lives in communities that work for them. As the population of the UK ages, our housing and infrastructure must be adaptable to our changing needs.”

Reviewing your own home, bearing in mind how your needs may evolve over time, could be particularly beneficial. Perhaps focus on the bathroom first, which can pose serious health risks if the design isn’t appropriate for older people.

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