Jun 05

Why Pubs Should Introduce Better Disabled Access


Many pubs in the UK are in old buildings and therefore aren’t always the most accessible places for those who struggle with their mobility. For wheelchair users it can be incredibly challenging to find pubs they can get into and that have appropriate toilets.

Speaking to the Morning Advertiser, Fiona Jarvis, founder of Blue Badge Style, a website that reviews venues based on their accessibility, style and facilities, said that pubs that make more of an effort to appeal to disabled people will benefit from increased custom.

“The household spend for people with disabilities is worth £249 billion a year. Why would you ignore that market? It’s not just the household, it’s their friends that go out with them,” she asserted.

Ms Jarvis also pointed out that it’s not too expensive to make modifications that can really help disabled people. Among her recommendations are ordering a portable ramp if your venue has a step at the entrance. She estimates that this should cost under £500.

She also stressed that it’s important to make sure all of the staff in your pub are aware of equipment like portable ramps, so that they can easily find them if they need to.

Other pieces of advice include making sure that the disabled toilets aren’t used as an extra storage facility and that there’s always a clear route to reach them.

A number of train stations in the UK are set to see an improvement in disabled access to facilities. Last month the government announced it would spend £300 million to upgrade access at 73 of the country’s railway stations.

If you’re looking at ways that you can improve the bathroom in your own home, make sure you think about every part of the space when you’re making changes. As well as installing easy-access showers, you might also want to consider a seat in the shower and even bidet toilet seats.

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