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This is a common question.  A rough idea can be gained from timing how long your existing bath takes to fill.  Remember, you are not filling it to the overflow, as you’ll be sitting in the water! An average bath is around 200 litres. Our bath capacities are shown on the product pages.  They are made to use approximately the same volume of water as a “normal” bath.

We have tested the baths ourselves. From being completely full (i.e. nobody in the bath, so maximum water capacity) a 200 litre twin waste bath takes about two and a half minutes to empty. Bearing in mind that the person would displace a considerable amount of water, you can expect emptying to be faster than that. Of course, drainage will depend on your property and the system, but this is a useful guide.

Most of our products qualify for VAT exemption when sold to a qualifying person or organisation. To qualify, you must have a chronic or disabling medical condition such as arthritis, heart condition, paralysis etc. (unfortunately “old age” is not considered an illness!). We provide a simple self declaration when purchasing items. If in doubt, please call for advice, or consult the HMRC website and look for Notice 701/7 Vat reliefs for disabled people.

Please see our VAT Exemption section for more information

Our friendly and knowledgeable advisors are here to help! With many years of industry experience, they’ll listen to your situation and guide you through the process.

Dimensions and specifications are provided on our site, but you may need to consider electrical supplies, water supplies, waste runs etc. We provide downloadable installation guides to help you decide, or to discuss with your installer. If you are in doubt, we offer an optional survey service in our local area – additional fees will apply. Our staff are happy to answer questions and offer advice.

All products sold by Practical Bathing are carefully selected, tested and quality controlled. Poorly made or unreliable products are rejected. Our baths, lifts and showers are manufactured in the UK and come with full UK warranties.

Established in 2005, Practical Bathing has always strived to offer a sympathetic, helpful and fair service. We do not use commission-paid sales people, and we never pressurise anyone to complete a sale. We understand our products in great depth and can offer full technical advice on all aspects of their installation and use.

Absolutely! We always ask for feedback so that we can learn and improve. Customer feedback can be provided by email or post. We hold copies for reference, but will only publish with the person’s permission.

A thermostatic anti scald valve is a device fitted under your bath, on the hot water supply. It automatically mixes cold water to the hot supply so that the water entering the bath cannot exceed a set temperature – normally around 43-44 degrees C. It is VERY important, as you will be in the bath before opening the hot tap. Alternatively, you can use thermostatic taps which contain a similar valve as part of the tap. They perform the same function. Thermostatic valves should be checked and adjusted regularly to ensure they are working correctly.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Intatec site by clicking here.

Thermostatic anti scald valves can be used in domestic properties or commercial environments like hospitals or care homes. TMV2 is for domestic use only, however we normally supply a TMV3 valve with our baths, so as to provide the best possible protection for our customers. TMV3 rating is more stringent and works to closer tolerances.

Due to ongoing Brexit issues we are currently not exporting products to the EU. If matters improve we may re-introduce this service.

We do not ship to the USA and Canada


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