chromotherapy lighting
Oct 14

Chromotherapy lighting – what is it?



Chromotherapy lighting has become very popular recently. An LED  light with variable colours is positioned under the bath water. It shines through the water, making a beautiful illuminated effect. The energy efficient LEDs are safe, inexpensive to run and they do not get hot.

You can enjoy your chromotherapy lighting bath in a variety of ways – to enjoy deeper relaxation, to stimulate the mind or to revitalise the body. Different colours can often have a bearing on our mood. This connection is supported by studies that have identified links between the use of colour and different mental states. Light therapy is used as a treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Interior designers often use colour and lighting to change the ambience within a room.

Practitioners of ayurvedic medicine believe the body has seven “chakras”, which some claim are ‘spiritual centers’. New Age thought associates each of the chakras with a single colour of the visible light spectrum, along with a function and organ or bodily system. According to this view, the chakras can become imbalanced and result in physical diseases, but application of the appropriate colour can allegedly correct such imbalances.

Quite apart from the therapeutic effects, chromotherapy lighting can also make an attractive contribution to the aesthetics of your bathroom. The system can be made to display a single colour, or to cycle through seven different colours in sequence.

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