Jul 27

Should You Consider Bathroom Modifications For Visitors?


When you’re fit and healthy it can be easy not to notice things that can be difficult or even dangerous for older or less-mobile friends and family. The bathroom is a space that can cause particular difficulties and it’s been suggested that looking at this room from the perspective of guests, as well as residents, is a good idea.

Of course, it depends how often you expect to have people who might have reduced mobility visiting you, but introducing small modifications can make it a safer space for everyone.

This is according to Sharon Johnson, who wrote for the Mail Tribune about the merits of installing the likes of shower seats and grab rails before you actually need them.

She added: “Even if you do not personally embrace the need for in-home safety accommodations and improved safety modifications, you recognise the value for a visiting friend or relative.”

This could particularly be the case if you have elderly parents who come to visit regularly and who don’t live close by. If you regularly have guests who struggle with their mobility, you may even want to consider fitting an easy-access shower in your bathroom.

Last month, one builder highlighted the idea of considering modifications to your living space before you actually need them, noting that this can help spread the cost of such changes, as well as making your home safer and reducing the risk of you suffering a debilitating fall as you age.

The idea is to help people stay in their own homes for longer, allowing them to live independent lives, he added.

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