Sep 10

Disabled Homeseekers ‘Struggling’ To Find Suitable Accommodation


Disabled people looking for somewhere to live are finding it so hard to access suitable accommodation that they’re experiencing mental and emotional distress as a result.

This is according to a new piece of research from the University of Stirling, Housing Options Scotland and the Horizon Housing Association.

The Match Me study, which looked into the effectiveness of lettings and allocations practice for adapted and accessible social housing in Scotland, also found that the assessment of a property’s suitability should consider both the access and internal features but also the accessibility of the external environment and how easy it would be for someone to maintain local support networks.

Lead author professor Isobel Anderson said: “Disabled people and their families should have equal housing opportunities and the right to an accessible home in the community that ensures and protects their human rights.

“This academically rigorous report gives all stakeholders the opportunity and evidence to shape lettings policy and practice to optimise effectiveness in matching disabled people to suitable homes, as well as increasing our stock of accessible housing.”

Disability Horizons has a useful accessible housing guide for those looking for somewhere to live, which could help them on their search.

If you have no plans to move but want to make sure that your current house suits your particular needs, adaptations like small walk in baths and similar could prove useful. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today. We specialise in mobility bathrooms, providing a well designed and reliable service.

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