Nov 14

What Funding Is Available For Home Adaptations?


As we get older, our bodies will naturally change and we’ll become more prone to accidents at home – which is why it pays to be prepared and make the necessary adaptations to our houses to cater for our evolving needs.

But how do you go about paying for these renovations and is there funding available? If you find you do need support with daily living because you’re disabled, have a long-term health condition or are elderly you can get in touch with your local authority to have a care needs assessment.

The amount of money you can get to help will depend on whether you need major or minor adaptations. Minor changes include hand rails in the bathroom or lever taps on sinks, while major alterations would be something like widening doorways, bringing the worktops in your kitchen down or installing easy access showers downstairs.

According to the Money Advice Service, if you live in England your local authority will typically provide you with small adaptations that cost under £1,000 and other disability equipment free of charge if you’re eligible and have been assessed as requiring it.

You’re also able to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant if your council has decided that the work being carried out is appropriate for your needs and is necessary. The maximum amount for those living in England is £30,000 – but be mindful that the grants are means-tested so any income and savings you or your partner have will also be taken into account. Charities such as The ACT Foundation may also be able to help with funds.

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