preventing bathroom falls
Mar 13

How To Prevent Falls In The Bathroom


Accidents can happen in any part of the house but some rooms represent a bigger risk than others – and the bathroom is perhaps the most dangerous room of them all.

Although it’s generally one of the smallest spaces, all sorts of accidents can happen and lots of injuries can be sustained because of the high likelihood of wet and slippery surfaces, and the chances of falling in the bath and shower and around the toilet.

Elderly people are particularly prone to injuring themselves in the bathroom and many of these injuries are fall-related, so making adaptations to this part of the house to help prevent this could be a wise decision to make.

These adaptations include the likes of hand rails and safety grab bars, which can be installed strategically throughout the room to make it safer to navigate your way through.

Where the bathtub is concerned, you can help to make using this facility safer by using non-slip mats and strips on the floor to help prevent your feet from sliding out from beneath you.

Additionally, you could also consider installing grab bars and holding rails on the wall, or perhaps even look into something like a sitting bath so you don’t have to worry about being on your feet at all.

Also think about what you could remove from the bathroom at home that could make it safer for you to use. If you have any bath mats around the toilet or rugs that you have positioned along your walking route, you may want to think about disposing of these, since they could represent a trip hazard.

Lighting is also a key consideration as you need to be able to see sufficiently in order to move around the room safely. Make sure the bathroom is properly lit and that there are no dark corners so you can help keep yourself safe.

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