Molly Bather
Feb 25

How To Stay Safe In The Bathroom As You Get Older


As we get older our mobility can suffer and we can find everyday tasks like showering and using the bathroom a bit more challenging.

The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to make it easier and safer whether you’re in the shower or enjoying a soak in your bathtub.

Professor of occupational therapy at Spring College in the US Joan Simmons recently told Mass Appeal about some of the bathroom safety modifications you can make, as well as highlighting some good habits to get into.

For instance, she noted that if you’re finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out of a standard bath, you could replace this with an easy access shower or walk in bath.

Fitting grab bars around your bathroom to help you enter and exit the tub safely, as well as to help prevent you from falling, is also advisable.

In terms of developing good habits, Ms Simmons stressed the importance of taking your time and focusing on what you’re doing. Don’t allow things like a ringing phone to distract you as you’re getting out of the bath, for instance.

Making sure you have good lighting in your bathroom can also mean you see potential trip hazards and avoid them, while it’s important to simply minimise clutter that could cause you to fall. Clear up laundry and towels from the floor, for example, and make sure there aren’t any rugs or mats you could catch your foot on.

Ms Simmons also recommends sitting on a chair or the toilet when you’re drying yourself off and getting dressed to avoid having to balance as you put your clothes on.

According to a report published by the Centre for Ageing Better last year, just seven per cent of the UK’s homes currently meet accessibility needs, so making simple changes to your bathroom habits could make a big difference to your safety.

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