Apr 30

Improved Accessibility For Disabled People In Otley!


When it comes to visiting new places or exploring the area in which they live, disabled people have to consider all aspects of accessibility of their destination to ensure they are able to navigate their way around with ease.

Some of the most accessible cities in the UK include Liverpool, Coventry, London, Worcester and Manchester – but it seems that the historic market town of Otley in West Yorkshire is on a quest to steal the crown as the nation’s most accessible place.

According to the Wharfedale Observer, new proposals are now under consideration to push forward with accessibility improvements, which include signage, listings of fully accessible events, specialist disability training, induction loops for hearing-impaired people and less clutter on walkways and pavements.

A recent inclusivity audit, carried out in November by People & Places Insights and funded by Otley Town Council, found that a lot of the pavements were already in good state of repair, while street furniture was well maintained and there were accessible toilets in the centre of the town.

But areas for improvement were identified, including better public transport links, ramp provision in more shops, accessible signage and business disability training.

Paul Carter, chair of Otley Town Council Trade and Tourism Committee, said: “Our long-term aim is to remove the barriers that disabled people are facing when trying to access goods and services in the town centre.

“While it’s pleasing to have received some praise for efforts to date, we realise there is still a way to go to make Otley as welcoming as possible for all – but we are determined to make Otley a champion for improved inclusivity.”

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