Oct 07

New App Launched To Review Bathrooms


There are few people who haven’t been out and about somewhere, used a public bathroom and thought that it was a mess. Or maybe it simply wasn’t accessible to you in the first place. While there are undoubtedly businesses doing a great job with their toilets, there are still plenty that are lagging behind.

But a new app from HSG UK is hoping to change that. This reported on the free-to-download app, which is called Cleen.

Any user who downloads the app will be able to leave a review about the toilet facilities in a business. They can post complaints, or they can share compliments. They can also add photographs to support their review.

The aim isn’t to lambast business owners for the state of their toilets, but to bring about positive change.

Simon Rice, HSG UK managing director, commented: “Many washrooms are still not fit for purpose – and therefore badly affect the quality of life – for a large part of our community and particularly for people with disabilities and parents needing baby changing facilities.”

Mr Rice explained that the app is designed to help businesses use high-quality, accessible bathrooms to help market their businesses.

At the same time, he also wants them to use it as a tool to understand when their facilities aren’t up to standard and to take steps to improve matters, whether it’s introducing additional toilet checks throughout the day to ensure they stay clean and stocked with toilet paper, or fitting new bathrooms that are accessible.

He added that, for disabled people, the accessibility and standards of washrooms are an important thing for them to consider when they’re deciding whether to eat at a particular restaurant or visit an attraction.

“Cleen App is therefore a simple and engaging way of giving disabled people a voice to share their experiences – good and bad – to help other people make those decisions,” Mr Rice asserted.

Last month, research conducted by the organisation Leonard Cheshire and online community Disability Horizons stressed that tourist attractions in the UK need to do more to provide accessible facilities.

The survey found that 73 per cent of the disabled people surveyed had visited a tourist attraction and discovered that there was no washroom that could meet their needs.

One of the problems is that many people who don’t have direct experience of needing disabled facilities simply aren’t aware of what constitutes an acceptable and usable bathroom. However, they should seek advice from those with the right knowledge to ensure that they are providing a washroom that can be used by everyone.

Neil Heslop, chief executive at Leonard Cheshire, said that aside from the impact it has on those with disabilities, who are being prevented from living independent lives, there are business implications too. Tourist attractions that fail to adequately cater for people with disabilities could be inadvertently turning away a significant number of customers.

This discussion could open your eyes to what a family member might need at home too. If you know someone who struggles with their mobility, take a look at the likes of easy access showers to ensure they’re able to continue to use their bathroom independently for many years to come.

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