Dec 13

New Disabled ‘Passport’ To Help Disabled Graduates Find Employment


The government has launched a new Access to Work Adjustment Passport to help disabled 

people make the transition from university into the world of work, reducing the need for 

repeated health assessments when starting a new job.


Part of the National Disability Strategy, the pilot scheme is being rolled out at the University 

of Wolverhampton and Manchester Metropolitan University. 


Students already receiving extra support while at university will be offered a passport, which 

captures information about their condition and the adjustments they’re already benefiting 

from, so that repetitive disclosures won’t have to be made when applying for grants.


Through the Access to Work scheme, disabled people can apply for grants of up to £62,900,

which can be used to cover the cost of specialist equipment that may be required to help them do their jobs.


Up to 100 students at each university will be supported through the pilot scheme and it’s 

possible that thousands more could benefit if it’s implemented nationwide.


This passport is just one of 100 different commitments outlined in the National Disability 

Strategy, which was published in July. It’s designed to give people the confidence to have 

conversations about their disability with potential employers, which could be challenging 



Chloe Smith, minister for disabled people, said: “Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to 

thrive at work, starting from the moment they take their first steps on the career ladder.


“By working with the University of Wolverhampton and Manchester Metropolitan University 

on this trial, we can find the best way for these new passports to support their students into 



Earlier this year, a new advice hub was also created to help disabled people gain a deeper 

understanding of their employment rights, with other measures also being brought forward to

promote flexible working, introduce carers’ leave and explore more support for disabled 



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