Apr 17

Number Of Carers Of The Elderly ‘To Jump To 6.6m By 2023’


There could be as many as four million people caring for an elderly loved one up to eight hours a week in the UK, with this figure set to grow to 6.6 million in the next five years.

This is according to a survey by home insurance provider Neos, reported in the Daily Express, which found that the average carer of an older spouse or relative would carry out seven visits a week.

If you are inviting an elderly relative into your home to help care for them, or if you are helping to care for an elderly loved one by visiting them in their home, one way of keeping them safe without impinging on their dignity is by installing a shower bench or similar so they can bathe independently without any worry.

Moreover, the charity Carers UK advises turning to technology to ensure our older loved ones are safe and comfortable at home, recommending smart devices connected via mobile phone that can help the pensioner or their loved ones to detect intruders, spot water leaks and even prevent fires all through an app.

“Technology can make a big difference to carers, especially those looking after a loved one from afar or juggling work with care,” director of innovation at Carers UK Madelaine Starr was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

Indeed, 57 per cent of us caring for an elderly relative find themselves in full-time employment as well, and many will also have dependents of their own to look after.

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