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Sep 01

Safety A Top Priority For UK Consumers Looking For A New Bathroom


It’s fair to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has made many of us re-evaluate our homes in a new light given that we’ve all been spending so much more time in them. If you have been using your bathroom as something of a sanctuary during this period, you’re certainly not alone.

However, there are plenty of people who want a bathroom that is functional and safe too, not just a wellness retreat, as a recent survey showed.

Kbb Review reported on a survey conducted by Explorare on behalf of Grohe, which revealed that over three-quarters of Brits are concerned about the safety of their bathroom. One of the top features they would look for when choosing a bathroom upgrade was a shower surface that doesn’t get hot.

Others said that they would be prepared to invest in a thermostat to even out the temperature of the water that comes out of their shower.

For anyone with mobility issues, creating a safe bathroom is a top priority. Keeping the water temperature even and not too hot is important because it may not be possible to move out of the flow quickly if it becomes too hot, for instance.

There are many other changes you can make to your bathroom to make it safer and more accessible, however, such as installing walk in baths and shower seats.

Earlier this year, Which? highlighted some of the steps that older people can take to ensure they are able to remain independent in their homes for longer.

It noted that bathing is often one of the first activities that becomes challenging as your mobility is restricted and therefore recommended investing in an easy-access bath. Consider also tubs that feature a built-in seat to make it easier for you to both sit in the bath and get out of it once you’ve finished.

Grab rails, although a simple addition, are another one that can make a significant difference to those who are starting to struggle with their mobility or strength.

Another top tip from the consumer rights group is to make sure that you have good lighting in all areas of your home. This could be especially important in the bathroom if you don’t have a source of natural light during the day.

High wattage light bulbs will provide more brightness and therefore make it easier to see what you’re doing, regardless of the time of day. It’s also essential to check that light switches are working and easily accessible to you as you move around your home.

Other basic safety tips include ensuring that you get your boiler serviced each year and that you check your home for trip hazards, such as rugs, loose carpet or uneven floorboards. These are all small elements that you might not ordinarily notice, but as mobility becomes more challenging these can become obstacles that could cause a trip or fall.

If you have an elderly relative or friend who is still living at home, it could be worth talking to them about some simple steps they can take to improve the safety of their home and make it a more comfortable place for them to live in the coming years.

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