Solar Bath Trimming - Solar high level bath
Sep 30

Solar bath trimming to length – how best to do it?


A customer recently called asking about the Solar bath, which was ideal for her requirements. The problem was, she did not have sufficient space between the two walls to fit the bath. Well, that problem was easily solved! Solar bath trimming can be successfully achieved down to only 1600mm if necessary. This lady had 1640mm available, so it was perfectly feasible to trim the bath to size.

The customer carefully measured and double checked the dimensions. But who would be responsible for cutting the ends off this expensive new bath? We recommend that such work is done at the factory where we have the correct machinery and skilled staff to ensure the desired result.

We instructed the factory to shorten the bath equally at both ends, and fit reinforcing battens under the cut ends. The front panel was trimmed to match the bath.

All of this was done at no extra charge to the customer. You can’t buy that kind of service on eBay!

Solar bath trimming – the easy way!



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