Jun 13

Unnecessary PIP Reassessments For Pensioners To Be Phased Out


Pensioners who receive personal independence payments (PIP) will no longer have to have their awards reviewed regularly, with light touch reviews implemented at ten years instead. And new claimants whose reviews would have been due after reaching state pension age will receive ongoing awards with light touch reviews at ten years.

Amber Rudd, work and pensions secretary, said a series of initiatives have been set out to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities and stopping “unnecessary” PIP reviews for pensioners is a “positive change”.

“It applies a common sense approach to treating those whose conditions are unlikely to change and we want to introduce it as quickly as possible for those who will benefit from it,” she went on to say.

The change is part of a bigger package of measures that signal a shift in government support for disabled people, with other reforms including combining the employment support allowance and universal credit into a single integrated service from 2021.

It’s expected that this will simplify the assessment process for millions claiming health-related benefits, reducing the number of face-to-face assessments for some and the need to submit information numerous times.

You can find out more about PIP on the official government website. It is designed to help you with some of the additional costs you might face if you have a long-term ill health condition or a disability. If you’re over the age of 16 and have not yet reached state pension age, you could receive between £23.20 and £148.85 a week.

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