Dec 30

Start 2017 With A New Bathroom


The start of a new year is a great opportunity to make changes to your life, including alternations in your home. And if you are struggling to use the facilities to their full potential, it could be time to look for new solutions to make every day life easier.

For someone who is elderly or disabled, here are some bathroom features you might be interested in installing this new year.


  • Walk-in baths

Having a bath is a lovely way to wash away the day’s stresses, and for those who find it hard to stand up for long periods of time, they are far safer to use than showers.

However, lots of people may struggle to climb into a tub, which is why a walk-in bath may be the ideal solution.

These have a door for you to let yourself in, so you don’t have to lift your leg over the tub, and some have seats so you can sit down comfortably and stand up easily without having to exert yourself.


  • Bath lifts

If you don’t want to get a new bath, but instead just want some help getting in and out of your tub, you could get a bath lift.

There is a range of different types available, including ones that are inflatable or bath belts that can help lever you out once you have finished washing.


  • Shower seats

Alternatively, those who love the feel of a shower can choose a shower seat that enables them to sit down when they are tired. These fold away, so the cubicle can also be used by those who are able bodied.

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