Mar 11

£30 Million In Funding For Changing Places Toilets


The government has announced that £30 million in funding will be made available to install Changing Places toilets in existing buildings around England, with these facilities providing larger accessible toilets and equipment such as curtains, hoists, space for carers and adult-sized changing benches.

The move comes after changes to statutory guidance came into effect in January making the provision of these toilets compulsory in some new buildings. This, coupled with this new wave of investment, means that thousands of people who do have complex needs will now be able to enjoy greater access to public spaces.

Local councils will be able to opt in to bid for a proportion of the funding to install such facilities in their communities, improving the geographical spread across England and making sure that more disabled people can participate in everyday activities that have the biggest impact on quality of life.

Luke Hall, regional growth minister, said: “For too long, the lack of suitable toilet facilities has meant disabled people have faced major difficulties when they shop, go out, or travel and this should not be the case. That’s why the provision of Changing Places toilets is so important for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets.”

There are thousands of people with profound and multiple disabilities, which mean they are unable to use standard accessible toilets, which do not provide changing benches or hoists. These facilities are also typically too small to accommodate more than one person, which is why Changing Places toilets are so essential.

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