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Dec 27

‘First-Ever’ Fully Accessible Holiday Home Built In Essex


It can be very challenging for disabled people to navigate their way through public life, as much of it isn’t set up to account for specific mobility needs. Going anywhere can be very difficult, with a lot of research involved as to what facilities are provided and where, making options somewhat limited.

However, necessity is the mother of invention and it seems that it was exactly these issues that inspired builder Gary Foweraker from Clacton to build what he believes to be the first-ever fully accessible holiday home in Essex.

According to the Essex County Standard, Mr Foweraker tried to take his mother Marie, who uses a wheelchair, on holiday in the county last year but found it impossible to find a property that was sufficiently accessible to accommodate her needs.

The new holiday let features two downstairs bedrooms with full accessibility, so multiple wheelchair users can visit at the same time. One room includes a profiling bed and ceiling hoist, with a large ensuite wetroom, a mobile shower trolly, a shower chair and a high low sink.

Mr Foweraker said: “There are so many people who are disabled, you just don’t realise it, and there just aren’t enough places suitable or accessible enough for them. I have enjoyed creating this holiday home so much. It’s really been amazing. I’m hoping I can help the local community and help those who wouldn’t normally be able to access Clacton.”

Accessibility isn’t just a concern when you’re out of the house, however, and it’s important to make the necessary adaptations to your own home to take into account any changes in your physical capabilities.

There’s a lot that can be done to make your homes safer and easier to use as time goes on, whether that’s lowering the kitchen worktops to make cooking easier, installing ergonomic handles on the doors or installing shower seats in the bathroom. 

It’s likely that these changes will be made in stages and there’s no need to worry that the aesthetics of your home will be compromised, as there are many stylish options available these days.

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