Apr 30

Adaptive Yoga Online Designed For The Disabled Community


Disabled people at home during the pandemic may want to sign up for online service Adaptive Yoga Live so they can stay as fit as possible, keep moving and combat stress levels at this interesting and challenging time.

The classes have been designed to make yoga more accessible for those with disabilities, limitations and injuries, and for elderly people, as well. The yoga itself is a form of the discipline that connects the mind, body and spirit through the practice of physical postures in conjunction with the breath and meditation.

It works by taking away the fear of movement, with meditation and deep breathing reducing stress and moving the nervous system from an alert state to a calm one. The gentle movements can increase muscle tone, help manage pain and improve balance.

Live online classes have now been modified to include only seated poses for those watching at home during the pandemic. There are some props required to help with alignment during poses, while providing support and stability, but other items can be used if you don’t have the necessary equipment, such as belts and books.

Louise Edwards, founder of the Adaptive Yoga Network, and Miranda McCarthy, founder of Wavelength VR, have collaborated on these free online classes designed specifically with the most vulnerable people in mind to help them during self-isolation.

There are three virtual classes each week, suitable for all ages and limitations, as well as anyone sitting at home. They will be streamed live and for free every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, taught by expert yoga teachers Karen Russell and Paulo Concepcion.

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