Jul 04

Advice Offered To Modify Your Home For MS


Receiving a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) can be devastating. The disease of the central nervous system can take several forms, but all of them lead to a loss of control over certain functions of the body, causing disability.

When you’re diagnosed with the condition it can be hard to know what’s best to do, but thinking about how to make your life easier, both now and as the disease progresses, is essential.

Earlier this month, Multiple Sclerosis News Today offered some advice on the top home modifications to make if you’re suffering from the disease. This included making sure you have access to your home without steps – which may mean installing a ramp – and having low-pile carpets or non-carpet flooring in your property.

Rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen are likely to need a little more work, the website suggested, but there are a number of small changes that can make using these spaces easier for those with MS.

In the bathroom, you should consider fitting a shower chair and grab rails outside the shower and bath. Easy access showers are a must, which means the shower should have a low threshold, or no threshold at all.

Where the kitchen is concerned, lever operated taps, front-loading appliances and raised dishwashers are all recommended.

In some cases, MS can lead to bladder and bowel problems, which can be hard to manage when you’re out and about. MS-UK highlighted a new app that’s been produced by the Bladder and Bowel Community that offers a digital version of its toilet card – a discreet way to tell people you need a loo – as well as using GPS to help you find the nearest public toilet.

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