Nov 29

Amazon Launches Alexa Smart Properties For Senior Living


There’s a lot of technology available these days that can be used to help older people stay in their own homes for longer, everything from wearable call buttons and fall detection devices to hearing aids, speech generating devices, screen readers and more.

But something that could prove particularly useful is the Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living, which has been specifically designed for care facilities and residents, but which would also have potential benefits for anyone keen to remain living independently for as long as possible.

The idea is that people will be empowered to stay connected, informed and entertained, with features such as video calling, reminder settings and voice-activated blind control included.

This can help give friends and family greater peace of mind, as they can easily get in touch with their loved ones with the video calling function. It is also possible to make voice and video calls via other Alexa-enabled devices if there are any positioned elsewhere in the property.

Smart appliances can also be connected to devices like these, with users able to call out and control the lights, the thermostat, the oven, security systems, the TV and so on.

This kind of technology can make life a lot easier and more enjoyable if you do want to age in place, helping with lots of different basic life management tasks that can mean you’re able to stay in your own home as time goes on. 

There are other types of assisted living devices you can invest in that could make a difference from a physical perspective, as well, which could certainly be worth investigating to accommodate your changing needs.

To find out more about these kinds of devices, including disability baths, get in touch with Practical Bathing today.

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